Environmental Safety Policy

VedicClean is committed to the preservation our environment, which is the fundamental idea of our comprehensive environmental Safety Policy. Our proactive approach in planning and executing all manufacturing and service facilities are done in such a way that it ensures the impact on our environment is way below the permissible limits. Water conservation and Waste Management are the two key aspects of our manufacturing process and service procedures.

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Our objectives

To adhere to all applicable environmental legislation's & regulations
To adopt pollution preventive techniques in formulation and preparation of our products
To conserve all resources such as electric power, water, fuel etc., through optimized usage and thus minimizing wastage through systematic approaches.
To provide a clean and safe working environment for our team members and our customers.

Towards fulfilling the above objective, VedicClean propagates its environmental policy and commitment towards continuous improvement. We pledge to strive for maintaining harmony between society and environment through which we achieve our defined environmental goal.

The safety of our staffs and the people associated with us including those living in the region is of utmost importance to our organization. VedicClean Adhere to our safety policy in a continued and reliable manner by establishing safety goals, demanding accountability for safety performance and providing the resource to make the safety programs work.



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