About us

Who we Are

VedicClean is an ultra-quality cleaning solutions manufacturer and supplier, committed to providing customers ultimate satisfaction. Above all, we only use the right ingredients and right equipment, and employ only the right personnel, who are highly trained and certified, all to make sure that the high standards are kept in our products and services, no matter the season or time of the day!

Our Company is the front-runner in janitorial products, aiming specific sectors like that of hospitality, healthcare, catering, industrial cleaning etc. With the support of our specially trained work force, we can quickly respond to our customers’ unique needs. VedicClean gives the customer a wide range of choices of VedicClean products according to whatever sanitization needs they have, and we fulfill the same with our high-performance products and highly trained professionals.

VedicClean Vision

We VedicClean look forward to offering high Quality products, innovative sanitization solutions with best customer service and satisfaction, continuously improving ourselves towards transforming our living and working spaces into a cleaner and hygienic environment. We believe that Health and Safety of our customers and work force is as important as the quality of our products and services. We VedicClean have a long tradition of providing our customers with exceptional service at affordable rates.

VedicClean Mission

VedicClean’s mission is to be the leading provider of cleaning solutions by offering high quality products, outstanding customer service and experienced technical support. Our goal is to generate strong relationships with our distributors and associates, working together to provide a clean, safe environment for generations to come.

Why customers choose Vedic Clean Products

Quality products, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, competitive price, Exceptional service, skilled professionals.

Product Design

Our products are designed in such a way that it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and aid water conservation efforts. Our unique formula provides better cleaning results with less effort, time, and environmental impact.


With the prime motivation on client fulfilment and with a well-placed substructure, continuous efforts are made to offer solutions that gives an extra advantage to customers. The endeavor at VedicClean is to walk an extra mile and provide customers with alternative solutions, when required. Customized products & packaging is one such effort that has resulted in expanding our business horizons. The company remains focused on developing application related derivatives of existing products as well as novel products aimed at offering accurate solutions to customer needs.

Quality Policy / Processes

“VedicClean is committed to forge an organization, which is oriented towards customer satisfaction and innovations, where quality is the hallmark of every activity, with which continuous improvement shall be achieved, within the organization and to our associates.”

The company assures quality of products by keeping the satisfaction of the customers as the most important aspect of the business, by improving systems and procedures through involvement of employees. The organization also develops a spirit of partnership with the suppliers for enhancement of business and quality objectives. It will continuously upgrade knowledge and skill to maximize efficiency of the organization and strive for improving quality of products & services offered.