Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning

An expert solution for the cleaning of Floor Tiles, Cladding Stones, Paving Tiles & Similar Surfaces

A highly effective multipurpose cleaner designed for everyday maintenance of tiles, marbles & natural stones etc.

Usages: TILE & STONE CLEANER can be used in exterior paving tiles where there are Heavy traffic.

Instructions For Use:
Always test on a small area for the suitability of this cleaner on different background surfaces.
Liberally apply the POWER TILE & STONE CLEANER to the area to be cleaned.
Using a stiff bristled brush or a scouring pad, thoroughly scrub the area treated with the POWER TILE & STONE CLEANER.
Mop up the POWER TILE & STONE CLEANER and rinse well with water until all traces of the solution have been removed.
For daily maintenance of the tiles, the POWER TILE & STONE CLEANER can be diluted up to 10 times.
Dilution may be increased or decreased as per nature of stone or substrate.
Soiled areas may require subsequent applications of POWER TILE & STONE CLEANER.
Do not use on new areas until the adhesive and grout are fully cured.
Clean any spillages by washing thoroughly with water.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eyes/face protection. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of clean water. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.

Keep your car clean, shining, and sanitized

A cluttered car with stained seats, food crumbs, trash and musty odor is hardly an inviting place. With our daily commutes, errands, shopping, and those weekly outings, we are spending a lot of time in our vehicles. If we are spending so much time in a small space, it makes sense to keep it clean and hygienic. With a little care, you can keep your car interior the way it was when you bought it. Here are some car cleaning tips to help you.

Don’t Carry Unnecessary Things

Don’t store anything in your car unless you need it for every trip. There is no point in cluttering your car with things like toys, gym bags, books, and magazines. Besides adding to the stress, such items take up valuable space that can be put to better use.

Don’t Throw Trash Around

Unless you are careful, trash will quickly accumulate in your car. If you throw stuff like chocolate wrappers, empty bottles, and food containers around, you must spend time to clean it up later. You can make life easier by keeping a plastic trash bag in the car to put all the trash until you are able to get rid of it. Besides keeping your car clutter free, this will reduce the chances of things spilling and staining the mats or seats.

Make An Emergency Cleaning Kit for Your Car

Anyone who has travelled with toddlers knows that spills, crumbs and dropped chocolates are inevitable. Spills do less damage if they are cleaned up quickly. Keep a box of tissues handy.

Your cleaning kit should include a rag and a mild cleaning solution. This will allow you to clean up spills before they can do major damage. You can also use them for quick cleaning when you are waiting in the car for something. Avoid strong cleaners, especially those that contain alcohol. Some cleaners can dry up upholstery materials, which will make them degrade faster. Before using any cleaning product on your car for the first time, test it on a less visible area.

Use The Right Type of Floor Mats

Muddy shoes, snow and sand can create a mess on the mats. If this is a common occurrence for you, consider getting floor mats that can be used in any weather. They are also easier to clean.

Do A Thorough Cleaning At Least Once in A Month using VedicClean Car Shampoo.

Remove any unnecessary items and the floor mats from the car. Depending on the material, you can wash or vacuum the floor mats. Vacuum the interiors, especially the upholstery. Moving the front seats back will make it easier to access all areas. After cleaning, don’t forget to return the seats to the usual position. Return the floor mats to the car once they are completely dry.

Unless you clean and condition them, leather will dry and crack. Clean leather seats with a soft brush and a suitable cleaner. For deep cleaning of upholstery, use a suitable shampoo. Your car manual may contain cleaning instructions. Use a stain remover to get rid of tough stains.

Wipe hard surfaces with a rag moistened with a mild cleaner. Use a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free glass cleaner to clean the insides of the windscreens and windows. Check if a cleaner is safe before using it on tinted windows. Dust and grime will accumulate in minute gaps like the space around the buttons on the dashboard. You can try sucking it out with a low-power vacuum cleaner or you can use a lightly moistened cotton bud to clean it.

Preventing Odors

You can prevent odors by keeping the upholstery clean and dry. Using dryer sheets under the seats and a good car deodorizer will help.

Protect Your Car from Sunlight

Direct sunlight causes materials to fade, plastics to deteriorate and vinyl to crack. If you regularly park your car for a long time in the sun, use sunshades to protect the interiors. It will also keep your car cool.
Regular cleaning and periodic servicing at a good garage are the best way to keep your car in good condition and maintain its value. For car service in Manchester, use our quick quote form to get a competitive quote from one of our exclusive service providers. Have a look at the services we offer. You will get convenient and quality service at much better rates than the dealer.